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2010     DOD/Army Research Laboratory            Rational Design of Corrosion Prevention Strategies

2011     Boeing Research and Technology            Multiscale computational modeling guided design and fabrication of anti-corrosion, anti-icing, and defect-free paint surfaces for aerospace applications

2011     Boeing Research and Technology            Modeling Adhesion Characterization and Impurity Effects of Epoxy Surfaces

2012     Boeing Research and Technology              Computational Methods for Advanced Coatings Technologies

2012     Avista Utilities  Bio-based biodegradable hydraulic fluids – Design, scale-up and Commercialization

2012     Avista Utilities  Innovative Chemical Detection Instrument

2012-2017         Dept of Defense/DTRA - Initiation and post-detonation kinetics in aluminized high explosives

2012     Triumph Composite Systems - Preliminary process control for composite parts – dependence on curing kinetics

2013     Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation - Manufacturing carbon-reinforced composite parts for mission-critical aerospace applications

2013     Boeing Research and Technology            Modeling anti-icing coatings and paints

2013     Boeing Research and Technology            Multiscale modeling of corrosion – role of intermetallic precipitates from first-principles

2013-2015         Department of Energy/EERE      A Systematic Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Approach to Protect Grain Boundaries in Magnesium Alloys from Corrosion

2013-14             Joint Center for Aerospace Technology Innovation         Development of Corrosion Resistant Microstructure Design Toolkit for Aerospace Alloys

2014-2018         DoD/US Army Research Laboratory       A Diffusion-Dissolution-Segregation Model for Predictive Design of Corrosion Resistant Magnesium Alloys

2013-2015         Ford Motors University Research Program              Multiscale simulation of atomization of charged liquid jets

2015-2017         Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute - From Art-to-Part: Additive Manufacturing Simulations

2015-2017         Department of Energy/NETL              Development of a Novel Biphasic CO2 Absorption Process with Multiple Stages of Liquid–Liquid Phase Separation for Post-Combustion Carbon Capture

2015     Boeing Research and Technology            Mesoscale paint spray simulation development

2015-2016         Honda R&D Americas   Characterization of the Mechanisms of Interfacial Degradation, Defect Accumulation and Failure of PCG during Weathering

2017-2021  DOD/SERDP  Atmospheric Plasma-based Coating for Embedding of Nanoscale Chemistry on Surfaces for DoD Manufacturing

2018-2022. ARPA-E Design of High-Entropy Alloys

2018-2021   AFOSR     Design on Insensitive Composites for Energetics and Propellant Applications

2019-2023 Multi-University Research Initiative: AFOSR funded research center with five other Universities

2021-2026 NSF Center on Future of Manufacturing: MADE-PUBLIC with U Chicago and Northwestern U

2020-2021 DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office - Food waste to Bioplastics - processing for circular economy